Simon Jukes

Member, The Openwork Foundation Committee
Photo of Simon Jukes

Simon has been an Adviser for 25 years. In that time he has met many families and seen the effect that a disabled child has on a family. On a personal note a close relation of ours is a disabled child and the support that his mother needs is never ending so that is very close to home and a real reason why he wants to give as much back as possible to help children in real need. As a father of five children he knows only too well the importance of meeting the needs of children and helping them to flourish. He has managed to raise funds for several charities through his links with the Openwork charity and that has really changed peoples' lives. The gratitude of those receiving the support from the charity makes all of the effort so worthwhile.

Simon has completed two overseas cycle challenges and knows how challenging yet worthwhile they are and the money that those events raise for the children that really need it.

Simon gives up a substantial amount of time each year attending charity meetings to further their work on supporting these children, he has also attended charity run events in Lords in London over the past few years to help with the fund raising on the evening.

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