Alfie's story

Alfie is from Leicestershire and has just turned five. He's known as cheerful, cheeky, chatty little Alfie and he likes baking big cakes, gardening, pirates and his pet puppy called Poppy. When he was born he was just one pound twelve and fit in his mum's hand, but being a fighter and his mum's 'little miracle', Alfie survived against the odds.

Alfie has cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease and can't walk, which frustrates him because his mind is so active and he just wants to do the same as everyone else. He has wanted a special trike for two years and asks Santa for it every year.

Alfie told us: "I really want Santa to bring me a blue bike and some toys. If I get a bike, I will ride it lots and then my legs might work soon. If Santa brings me the bike then I will ride it to him to say thank you and I'll take carrots for the reindeer."

As Alfie gets lots of aches and pains in his legs and cramp in his feet, he needs to do lots of physiotherapy. The trike would be a fun way for him to exercise and move and be together with everyone, friends and family.

His mum told us: "Alfie's dying for a bike, he sees his three cousins on their bikes and he asks why he can't go with them. "The trike would really do some good strengthening the muscles and then he could maybe move on to a walker, that's what I'm really hoping."

"It would be like winning the lottery if he could walk, I would run down the street screaming! It will be so nice to see the smile on Alfie's face!"

Thanks to the generous support of donors like The Openwork Foundation we were delighted to deliver this most wonderful Christmas present imaginable!

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