Openwork Expands Advisers in Lockdown

Adviser numbers at Openwork have grown to 4,000 in June highlighting the power of the network in the face of the nationwide lockdown.

Around 100 advisers have joined during the lockdown period with most of the expansion coming in mortgage and protection as the range of services we provide and the support offered to help firms during the crisis drove recruitment.

Our market-leading Academy programme has continued to expand the number of advisers it is training with 69 new candidates joining the programme as it builds for the long-term.

After more than 100 days in lockdown we are focused on maintaining the momentum of advisers’ success in working through the coronavirus crisis supporting clients and the growing need for financial advice.

We embraced the power of community to help advisers, clients and staff during lockdown and its Coronavirus Portal, which was launched in March, has proved a major success.

It has attracted around 6,816 unique visits and over 8,000 total visits in the last 100 days and provided updates to advisers on Government guidance for businesses, support on advising clients remotely, tips for advising existing, new and vulnerable clients, as well as market updates and advice around remote working.

We adapted processes and procedures as well as launching new technology solutions, which have been tested and implemented in record time, to ensure business continuity. Adviser firms have been empowered to expand their businesses across the country by using remote face-to-face advice.

Philip Howell, Chief Executive of Openwork, said: “Thanks to tireless and determined efforts of everyone at Openwork, we have in the last 100 days been able to quickly mobilise our entire network to ensure that advisers were able to more effectively overcome the challenges and, at the same time, maintain and increase dialogue with clients.

“The threat remains but as lockdown measures are slowly eased across the UK, it is important that we not only reflect on the past 100 days but also begin to look forward, ensuring that we can continue to work together to support clients up and down the country who continue to rely on the support, guidance and reassurance of the very personal and expert advice that characterises our business.”

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