Omnis expands fund choice for investors

Our £7 billion specialist asset management company, Omnis Investments Limited, is expanding choice for clients with the launch of nine new funds and the appointment of four new investment managers.

The new funds bring even more high-quality investment managers to the Omnis proposition and deliver increased diversification and asset class specialisation aimed at providing a best-in-class offering for investors.

The four new investment managers are RWC Partners, Hermes Investment Management, AXA Investment Managers and Fulcrum Asset Management.

RWC will manage the Omnis European Equity Opportunities Fund; Hermes the Omnis Absolute Return Fund; AXA the Omnis Short Dated Bond Fund; and Fulcrum the Omnis Diversified Returns Fund.

Jupiter Asset Management, Fidelity International and T. Rowe Price Investment Manager, who already manage Omnis funds, will run the rest of the nine funds.

The nine new funds are being launched as part of Omnis’s commitment to review its range of funds to ensure they provide investors with access to a broad range of asset classes and means four existing funds are closed with the assets transferred into the new funds.

The funds that have been closed include the Omnis US Equity Fund, Omnis Emerging Market Equity Fund, Omnis European Equity Fund and the Omnis Alternative Strategies Fund.

Our Wealth and Platform Director, Mike Morrow, said: “Our investment philosophy is always to provide high quality investment solutions, which strive to achieve the results that Openwork clients expect from their investments over time.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of nine new funds and the appointment of four of the best investment managers in the industry, providing investors with further diversification and giving them more choice with their investments.

“The investment managers were chosen following an exacting selection process and having reviewed several asset managers. The ones selected are all respected houses and fund managers, who’s corporate cultures and styles compliment Omnis. Each were judged on four core requirements: Suitability, Quality, Ability and Diversification.”

The reorganisation has been carried out through what is known as a “Scheme of Arrangement”.

The closing down and launching of the new funds has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and was approved by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 22nd July 2019. For more information about the Scheme of Arrangement please visit the Omnis website.

Omnis Investments Limited is wholly owned by Openwork Holdings Limited. Investment funds are available exclusively through the financial advisers of Openwork Limited.

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