Who We Support

We support UK and overseas charities through three different grant programmes:

  • our national charity partner
  • local grants
  • discretionary grants

Cares4Kids is our Foundation’s current theme and is the focus of our national and local grant programmes. It is designed to support disadvantaged children and young people in the UK and overseas, up to the age of 18 years.

Our national charity partner

The Openwork Foundation works with established charities to support long-term initiatives.

The Foundation’s national charity partner is Action For Kids one of the few organisations in the country to fund and maintain bespoke powered wheelchairs for children and young people throughout the UK.

Local grants

Our Advisers and staff come together to raise money for good causes. In return, they can nominate a charity for a grant of up to £10,000. These grant applications are assessed quarterly by our Grant Committee, which is made up of Openwork Advisers and staff.

Amongst other things, we have:

  • helped charities fund the salaries of specialist staff
  • built a school in Manila for children living on the dump sites
  • funded adventure playgrounds for disabled children
  • helped purchase medical equipment and mobility equipment for people of all ages
  • built hydrotherapy pools and conversions in children’s hospices
  • paid for specially adapted minibuses and salaries for specialist staff

For more detail, please view our case studies.

Discretionary grants

Advisers and staff, who are supporters of the Foundation, can nominate grants of up to £250 for other organisations, including those that fall outside the Cares4Kids theme, supporting disadvantaged people.

This gives our sponsors much more flexibility to support a cause close to their heart and which may sit outside our Cares4Kids theme.

Charities we’ve supported include local adult hospices, family support services and the Samaritans.


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