Harpreet Atwal

Member, The Openwork Foundation Committee
Photo of Harpreet Atwal

Harpreet began his practice in 2003. He is an investor and an advisor and obsessed with growing the wealth of our clients. He's super charged and will approach all your financial affairs with out of the box thinking. He loves a financial challenge and has developed a simple wealth model to ensure every client can and should improve their wealth for the long term.

He is married with 3 children, keeping fit through playing hockey for his local club - Old Silihillians Hockey club. If he's not playing on a weekend himself he is busy ferrying his sporty children round their relevant matches.

Harpreet is currently a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, the premier organisation of financial professionals. This helps him ensure his practice is at the forefront of learning and development.

"Ensuring we are constantly learning from the world's best with aims to deliver world class service. I work with other financial advisors throughout the UK sharing best practice and encouraging the joining of this organisation. Its had a profound influence on my business and I wanted the ability to share that."

Harpreet is also currently sat externally on the Openwork Foundation Committee. This role entails the management of the Openwork Foundation money. Harpreet shares his time carefully to ensure the funds are invested with the level of care and attention they deserve. This demonstrates to both clients and our team that we value our charitable work. We invest a proportion of our turnover to the Openwork Foundation and also other charitable interests such in the UK and Abroad.

Harpreet has also recently been elected to be a governor of NHS North Lincolnshire NHS trust. This demonstrates his commitment to using his skills to ensure public bodies are well managed and developed in the best way possible.

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