Grants 2016

In 2016, we have £250,000 available in grants for the charities our staff and advisers want to support. This is who we've helped so far:

Grant 16 - Manor Green School We provided £10,000 to create an outdoor area for their 20 youngest learners to extend their overall learning.
  We provided £10,000 to fund the refurbishment of the multi-sensory room at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, this room is the main sensory facility for the whole of the hospital.
  We provided £10,000 to enable NSPCC to continue to provide a Helpline Service in Northern Ireland to give the public a safe place to raise their concerns about a child’s safety or wellbeing.
  We provided £6,760 to Mane Charity Sanctuary to build an annex to the therapy barn to house a kitchenette and fully accessible toilet.
 Grant 16 - Maddi 's Butterflies We provided £3,150 to assist in the annual running costs of the caravan supporting 60 children.
  We provided £6,960 to help develop a new, bespoke programme of support for a minimum of 30 young carers throughout the UK.
Grant 16 - Fields Of Life We provided £10,000 to contribute towards constructing a Girls Dormitory building for 100 children, including latrines, at Tanaga Primary School in the under-developed Kyenjojo District of Western Uganda.
We provided £6,300 to buy furniture for each of the hospice bedrooms.
 Grant 16 - Fo SM School

We provided £9,755 to help complete the building of a washroom and provide a sheltered multi-purpose assembly area.

 Grant 16 - Hill Croft School We provided £10,000 to help to fund the costs of a family support worker.
  We provided £10,00 to help fund the cost of a nurse to care for children at two hospices and out in the community.
  We provided £10,000 to purchase specially adapted safety equipment and arrange event days. 
  We provided £8,245 to help fund the salary of two members of staff.
Grant 16 - Acorns We provided £10,000 to help fund a nurse responsible for antenatal/neonatal care at the Birmingham hospice.
 Grant 16 - Bath Swim Therapy We provided £10,000 to support the provision of 5 swimming sessions led by a specialist instructor per week for 30 term-time weeks for preschool and school-age disabled children and their parents during 2017.
Grant 16 - ADD-NI Children 's Charity  We provided £9,956 to renovate the outdoor play area, creating a more useable environment.
 Grant 16 - Brainwave We provided £7,600 to provide equipment for families to be used at home as part of the therapy programme and within the centre for diagnostic, monitoring and development of children’s progress.
 Grant 16 - Alexander Devine We provided £8,700 to help towards the Nurses Call System in the new Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice.
 Grant 16 - Action For Kids We provided £7,500 to purchase specialist or bespoke mobility equipment not available from the NHS for disabled children and young people around the UK.
 Grant 16 - Bhutan We provided £10,000 to the Drak-tsho school for disabled children in East Bhutan for an all-terrain vehicle.
 Grant 16 - Rockinghorse We provided £10,000 to fund the provision of a therapeutic activities programme for children and young people receiving in-patient treatment at Chalkhill Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.
 Grant 16 - Child Brain Injury We provided £5,000 for the expansion of the South West Child and Family Support Service.
 Grant 16 - Positive Help We provided £10,000 to support disadvantaged children who have fallen behind at school due to chaotic family circumstances.
 Grant 16 - Positive Futures We provided £4,780 for children with a learning disability, autistic spectrum condition and acquired brain injury to help increase their self-confidence, independence and resilience through the development of cookery skills.
 Grant 16 - Meadow High School We provided £5,300 to replace a condemned long jump, to equip Horticulture as it is a popular subject and to purchase memorial benches for our new sensory garden.
 Grant 16 - Daisy Garland We provided £9,890 to fund night-time breathing (SATs/epilepsy) monitors for use in the home.
 Grant 16 - Sight For Surrey  We provided £3,500 to employ a part-time Family Support Worker and a part-time Habilitation Specialist to work with families struggling with the emotional and practical aspects of having a child with vision impairment/dual sensory loss.
 Grant 16 - Carers Trust T And W We provided £5,000 to ontribute towards the salary costs of two part time Young Carers Activity Worker's and activities.
 Grant 16 - Grove Cottage We provided £5,000 towards the staffing and running costs of he unique Speech and Language Programme and Saturday clubs.
 Sebastian Hunter Memorial Trust logo We provided £4,016 for the continuation of the Balwadi programme to provide very young children the opportunity of a pre-school education locally
 Grant 16 - Jengana We provided £10,000 to install a solar powered pump to enable sufficient water provision for the home and community.
 Grant 16 - Body Positive We provided £3,000 for a teacher to deliver HIV awareness and prevention training to students in school.
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