Day 3 Namo Buddha to Godavari

The morning started early as we arose in a hippy style retreat. We sat down to a group breakfast al fresco and had the most beautiful back drop that you could ask for - the Himalayas!

We dug into our fresh fruit salad served to us with home cooked warm bread and jams, along with a hearty omelette which was most welcome, thoroughly enjoyed by all including Guy Bolam who was able to polish off two! That will teach Devesh Ambasna not to be late!

An annual religious festival meant we needed to carry our heavily laden luggage to the buses and that we would have to negotiate the slippery steps. We didn't realise that that was going to be our warm up!

Day 3 Blog 2

Now that the luggage and the bikes were sorted Guy gathered us all together to put us through the second warm up of the morning by making us complete group squats whilst whispering that this is all for the kids.

We headed off on our short but very challenging cycle to one of Nepal's important Buddhist pilgrimage's - Thrango Tashi Yangtse Monastery. We climbed 500 steps and 500 more, so we could be blessed and to have a group photo with the Himlayas behind us.

Day 3 Blog 3 

The cycle started in earnest for the day with the usual up to date and very accurate instructions from our tour leader - Colin Lovell. Whilst this is meant to be a truly challenging cycle, what the whole group successfully negotiated was a downhill gorge.

Day 3 Blog 1

The roads we negotiated were very much still under construction and everyone was looking forward to a hearty lunch at a beautiful and scenic picnic stop. The lunch boxes were handed out and Guy was looking for his second, only for Devesh to put his hand up and say "it's mine".

We heard thunder and that wasn't Mark Duckworth's stomach, but the clouds starting to form and the heavens opened! Everyone dashed for their scuba diving outfits in preparation for the Nepalese style monsoon.

So we started our afternoon cycle only to be challenged by the rather large puddles of mud Sanjay 'I do my own stunts' Parmer, decided that it was time he practised his base jumping - but he bounced back. John 'the motivator' Roberts cycled at the back giving invaluable instructions on cadence and not to rush anything, no change there then.

Not much later another incident was reported, Donna Melrose decided to have an argument with her bike much to the ammusement of Penny Wemyss.

This very long, hard session on the road to seemingly nowhere was a continuous climb and left us wondering when we were stopping for a much deserved break. Hot Nepalese tea awaited our arrival when we got the chance to compare our war wounds and cycle tans.

The day finished by the whole team not only having to complete the most challenging day of cycling ever, out of all the cycle challenges we've done, but looking at it as a most humbling experience where they are giving back to society and the many children that they are raising funds for.

We dug deep, really deep and at times cycling hungry, without water and not one person gave up especially with monsoon rain pelting down on our backs. Hats off to an amazing bunch of cyclists - bring on day 4.

You can support the team through our fundraising site - your generous funds will go directly to support disadvantaged children in the UK and overseas. 

Mo Rasool and Toby Cobb

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