You should all raise a glass to yourself today as we have changed the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves.  Your support has been incredible and was a true inspiration for me.

We have raised a total that will make a real difference and as Harpreet said to me at the roadshow, this will not just affect the lives of the children but if they change their lives, their kids and future generations will have a much better start in life.

Graham A

If it wasn’t for you, I would not have completed my promise card.  I am very proud to tell you that I finished just before 15.10 in a time of 4 hours, 59 minutes and 49 seconds.  I truly thought I had missed 5 hours by a few seconds.  It really didn’t matter but would have been annoying.  When my family said I did it in just under 5 hours, I couldn’t believe it.  Someone up there was truly shining down on me!

And that brings me on to a few thankyous.  My family and friends were awesome supporting me at 7 miles, 14 miles, 19 miles and 24 miles.  Words cannot describe what a difference this makes.  The crowd is awesome but seeing your own is extra special!  Charlie Hutton surprised me at the 21 miles marker.  He will never realise what a difference that made in what was a difficult period for me.

And then there was Sam, Ramon and others supporting the Zurich and Openwork Foundations at 24 and a half miles.  Waiting all day in a great pitch for this lunatic (and a few others) to run past!!

And back to you, the messages I have received before and after with best wishes are truly humbling.  Thank you all!!

The first half was absolutely fine.  I was doing well and smiling all the way.  The next quarter was torture and the final quarter was worse.  I did it becauseisaidiwould and becauseyousaidyouwould.

Photos will follow and when you see me next, please do not be scared to ask to see my medal.  I will be carrying it with me everywhere for a few weeks.  As Simon Hooper said to me on Saturday night, “treasure that medal” and I can assure you I will!  A little tear trickled down my cheek as I received it.  I would have cried more but I was too tired!!

And now to the breaking news...........

I officially announce that I am retiring from running.....been there, done it and now got the tee-shirt!  I bow out with my head held high!!

Thank you again for all your support

Graham Angelll
Pensions & Investment Proposition Director

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