The hills keep coming

By Sam Tesch -

Day four - 75km: Jinshanling to Miyun Reservoir
By Chris Hallatt

There they are, in the distance.

On day one, Ashley Brown said that the British are never more than three days of bad food away from a riot. As a group, we have shown that we are one breakfast away from a riot!

However, the warmth of the room - yes it's another bitterly cold morning - was matched by the warmth of the staff and everyone had a good breakfast.

Cycling through the cold

The misty, chilly morning ride took on the image of the Tour de France, with the peloton surging through the countryside. It must have been cold as Tom Jackson wore sleeves for the first time. Colin Mellor, not sure what to wear, decided on two tops including sleeves, the cold damp air was clearly getting to our 'Manchester Mountain'. Back to the cycling, 15 mph is not a bad speed on mountain bikes, and if you are Mo Rasool on Mrs Doubtfire's shopping bike, that speed is extraordinary! 

At the first stop, concerns grew for Tony, the assistant guide, who usually helps with walking tours. But today, Tony was on his bike and battling on, catching the group with a big smile still on his face.

After the stop, I tried to break the land speed record set by Guy Martin, only to realise I am too slow and the truck I was 'slip streaming' behind was producing too many emissions for my liking. I picked up a puncture a little later, just before we rolled into lunch.

Another delight...a great meal, good company and amiable chat, but the tofu soups were just not being received well. 

After lunch, we had what was theoretically supposed to be a short run to the lodge. It started with a really steep hill but our legs are used to it now - so we just need to grind it out. However, Penny Wemyss' leg is now so painful that whenever she hits a downhill stretch, she unclips her bad leg and peddles with just the one.

Sam Sinclair soldiered on and admitted that she is loving it really and wants to come again.

Another gritty performance from everyone finishing on a day that's still misty grey and cool.

Tonight we have a BBQ and fire pit to keep us warm.  

Today's awards

Our Achievement Award goes to Penny Wemyss for pushing through the pain in her leg day after day. We are all so proud of her!

Our Kung Fu Panda Award goes to me for my valiant Guy Martin impression. 

Ted was handed on to Lesley McMillan

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